A few customers have asked me how to do this, how to hide the Blogger Nav Bar.  There is a quick and easy way now with Blogger's new Template Designer.

  • Go to Design
  • Template Designer
  • Advanced
  • Add CSS
  • Paste this code:

div.navbar { opacity:0.0; display:none; }

body { margin-top:0px; position: relative; top: –35px; }

  • Click to preview your blog, you may have to modify this value of "35" if too much of your header/banner becomes hidden.

However, please note that many Blogger users then don't know how to Sign In to their blog because the Sign In button/link on the Nav Bar when visiting their blog is now hidden.

Therefore, you may always login to your Blogger blog by going to www.Blogger.com and entering your login information there.

Happy Blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto

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