I've recently been asked a few times how to make a Blogger blog rank higher in search engines as Typepad and WordPress are known to have better "tools" to do so.  So I want to take a moment to answer this where some info pertains to Blogger and other information (the majority of it) pertains to bloggers regardless of which platform you are using.

First, I do not think you should "jump ship" and abandon Blogger if you have a Blogger blog.  Blogger is free, very easy to use and very powerful offering much functionality and options that you would have to pay for in Typepad (at least $14.95/month). And I wrote a book about it all (Beginning Google Blogger).

Next, Blogger is owned by Google! Plus, there is lots you can do, modifications you can make, to get your Blogger blog in the best shape it can be in regards to search engine optimization. Read the specific articles I mention for Blogger users under Additional Information and Articles below.

Tips for All

In short, there is no waving of a magic wand (LOL), unfortunately.  However, here are a bunch of tips and direction that may help:

  1. Be patient and realistic
    • This does not happen overnight and takes time.
    • It is important to keep working on it, day after day.
    • Don’t give up but also try and enjoy blogging. Don't make it a "chore" such as doing your laundry!! (LOL, who likes to do that!). Instead, make it a "task" and one that you can achieve.
    • Be realistic in your blogging goals.  Not everyone can post every day.  Pick a routine that is good for you and your life style.
  2. Your Posts
    • Post consistently and regularly.
    • Post about relevant content being sure to include keywords in your post.
    • Write about what interests your readers, something they'd want to read and be interested in and want to share with others.
    • Label each post with keywords (Labels in Blogger, Categories in Typepad/WordPress).
    • Place keyword(s) in Post Title. Try not to use “fluff” words like “The, Great, Good”.
    • Keep the Title short, less than 40 characters.
    • Be sure to have Share Buttons on your blog, under your posts.
  3. Images
    • When inserting images, you can go to HTML and insert a Title for image and Alt properties. Such as <img src="http://heatherporto.typepad.com/blogsbyheathersignature.gif" title="Blogs By Heather" alt="Blogs By Heather Signature">
  4. On Other Sites
    • Join online groups, such as Yahoo groups in your specialty.
    • Comment regularly on those sites and in doing so, have your blog's URL in your signature.
    • Be a guest author or featured blogger on another's site.
  5. Socialize
    • Use Facebook and Twitter to help build your presence and reach even more people who would not have found you otherwise – you Facebook's "Find Friends" capabilities to assist you in reaching out to new, potentional followers.
    • Have your blog posts automatically post to your Facebook "page" or Twitter account. I offer this service! And this will be something I will teach in my upcoming webinars (coming 2011)!
    • Here's a past article of mine, Using Twitter for Business.
  6. Search and Tracking  Tools
  7. Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Purchase online ads on other related sites or popular sites.
    • Purchase print ads in related magazines
    • Michelle Laycock can design them for you!
  8. Emails
    • Use  your blog's URL in your signatures in your personal emails.
  9. Newsletters
    • Having a newsletter is also great to use and drive traffic to your site.  You may offer newsletter subscribers special deals, only features certain products or articles for newsletter subscribers, but most of all you can use start an article and then use <read more> and have it directed to a post or page on your site! NOTE: If using this method/strategy to build traffic to your blog, then Typepad or WordPress is best as you can create unlimitted pages (Blogger is limited to 10).
    • I offer Newsletter Design services and would be happy to help!
    • Here is an article I wrote on comparing popular newsletter services.

Additional Information and Articles



Keep blogging!
Happy Holidays!!!

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