OrganizeIt's the start of a new year and very, very exciting! I hope you all have something "BLOGGING" in your New Year's resolutions! I really would love to help you with your blogging needs and new goals!

Whether you are starting a new blog or have an existing blog, it is very important to keep it organized. This keeps your blog tidy and neat, and allows your blog visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.  

You do not want visitors to come to your blog and feel completely lost or overwhelmed! We'll primarily focus on cleaning up your sidebars and gadget use, but we'll also discuss suggestions to improve your overall blog layout and functionality.

Reorganize Your Blog Series is a series of posts I will be publising to assist you with your blog's makeover and reorganization!  Some information you may already know and practice and that's wonderful. I would then encourage you to pass it along, share the post with a friend or on Facebook.

Share what you love
as I love to share what I know 😀

Some information may be completely new to you and that's exciting. I will provide as much instruction as I can with images/snapshots to accompany step-by-step instructions wherever possible. I say this as some information may be in my upcoming book to be published in March 2011 (very soon) and I am not permitted to write about it (yet). Also, some content may be covered in one of my upcoming "What You Need To Know" webinars and much too involved to write or explain fully in one post; such as creating a dropdown menu for your blog using CSS code (CSS for Bloggers "What You Need To Know" webinar).

So look for the image/icon in the upper left of this post as that will be used throughout the series so you may quickly find the Reorganize Your Blog Series of posts, as well as the addition of a new Category (SERIES: Reorganize Your Blog).  NOTE: I will be offering more "Series" throughout the year.

I'm very excited to share this Reorganize Your Blog series with you as I feel it is very important. We all need to tidy up a bit now and then, and I know many of you have wanted to do this but just didn't know how.  I'm hoping this new series will answer your questions and help bring your blog to the next level.

Stay tuned…

Happy Blogging!
Heather Wright-Porto 


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