I'm attending Blogging Success Summit 2011I've had the pleasure of listening to recordings from the Blogging Success Summit 2011! It is wonderful and as promised, I will share my recap of each course here on my blog and recap of additional bonus materials with newsletter subscribers.

In this post I'd like to review the presentation by Joe Pulizzi, co-author of Get Content..Get Customers.  His presentation was focused on Content Marketing and 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners and Experts. These ten tips will help in search engine optimization, lead generation and content creation; and includes many concepts we've already discussed here on my blog in previous posts, such as SEO Tips, as well as in both of my books: Beginning Google Blogger and Creative Blogging.

Writing Good Content

Writing good content may be the most important thing in building a business blog, in combination with posting often. Remember in the last Blogging Success Summit article, Richard Jalichandra (CEO of Technorati), he mentions that professional bloggers post up to 500 times more than average bloggers and some up to 30 times a day (where podcasting and mobile, smart phones and iPads makes this possible and has really impacted the way people blog).

So how do they do that? There are a few ways you can accomplish it:

  • Spend a day or several to write and schedule posts to be delivered.
  • If you have a team of people in your company, all of you can post (as authors) on your blog.
  • Hire people to blog for you.
  • Have guest bloggers on your blog.

It is important to realize that some blog as a full-time job, the professional bloggers, but others can still make money from blogging, and here are some tips:

  • Include a great title (Killer Headline as Joe says).
  • Write about what people want to read.
  • Include a call to action (have your readers "do something" such as sign up for your newsletter, post a comment, go to <this> page (directed to another area of your site or another website)).

Playbooks of Compilation CDs

Additionally, you should sell or offer "playbooks" – this is turning portions of your blog into book form or into a compilation CD. Some of my customers already do this, such as my friend and fellow Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, Monica Weaver of Add a Little Dazzle (www.AddaLittleDazzle.com). She is offering a 2010 Compilation CD of all the tutorials featured on her blog throughout 2010. She does amazing work, be sure to check it out!  

I'm hoping to turn different categories and elements in my blog into book form as well – How-To: TypePad, How-To: Blogger, for example, or a book on all the SERIES I'll be featuring throughout the year.  You can do this too! You www.Blurb.com or other company, or simply copy and paste into Microsoft Word and format. However, you need to do it to get it done and for sale on your blog, or give as a gift or blog giveaway!

Weekly or Monthly SEO Round-outs or Lists

Joe Pulizzi also suggested that you create a weekly round-out.  This may be a list of your top ten posts of the week, such as top ten blog finds. Or you may create a round-out list for your own site, picking out a top ten list of your most popular posts or the top ten posts on a particular subject.  Linking to other pages or posts within your own blog is called interlinking and is a great way SEO (search engine optimization) method.

In Closing

Joe stressed that you need to find your niche! What can you be an expert in, what can you share with the world.  That's what you then blog about until you can't blog anymore (LOL)! For me, it's blogging tutorials and writing posts to help you learn all different elements of blogging and "how to" do it in Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress; as well as sharing other tips on HTML, Constant Contact, Image Editing, Blog Design, and showcasing some of my artwork along the way.  

Thanks following me! Happy blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto



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