A couple of months ago I wrote an article on this in my monthly newsletter and in doing so, I mentioned and came across MyFreeCopyright. It is this free type of copyright application I want to share with you today.

How it works

  • You create a blog post and it is then securely uploaded to MyFreeCopyright.
  • Then a digital fingerprint is applied, logged, stored and emailed to you.
  • Your original creations is now logged and protected.

Getting Started

Go to http://myfreecopyright.com/ and on the bottom left click where it says "Start protecting your creations today!"


Complete the form and then click the Protect button.

You will then receive an email to complete the registration process.


Follow the instructions by clicking the link in Step 1. You will come to this page where you will continue setting up protection for your blog.


Next, you'll setup your protection.


Choose that you are protecting a Blog/Podcast.


Click Blog and then enter the Feed for your blog. For example, mine is http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogsbyheather (via Feedburner). 

Click Protect.


Here is a sample of articles of mine that are protected. This is part of an email I received upon setting up the MyFreeCopyright account and process.

And you are now on your way in protecting your blog content and hopefully preventing others illegally using it for their own personal gain.

Now, when you post to your blog, within 24 hours later you will receive an email from MyFreeCopyright with the digital fingerprint. Save them for your records.


Happy blogging, best always!

Heather Wright-Porto

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