Q-A As promised, here is the Blogs By Heather Weekly Q&A. Every week to recap all the questions and answers as I feel many would benefit from the answers and appreciate the questions.

So here we go…

Questions Asked This Week:

  1. What is happening with Blogger?
  2. Why am I having trouble logging in to my Blogger account?

 The answer to both of these questions for many this week was due to Google's Transition (or converting your Google Apps account) –  and affects Blogger as Blogger is Google's free blogging platform.

Here are a list of articles I've found helpful in researching Google's Transition:

Here is Google's Checklist (the Readiness Checklist):

There are a few things you should be aware of before your Google Apps account begins the transition. Please make sure to go through the checklist below and understand some of the implications of converting your Google Apps account.

  • Understand what's changing. If you have a conflicting account, it will need to be renamed. 
    To understand what changes are coming to your account, please read through what's happening.
  • Review information on data ownership and access to more Google products. 
    By going through this transition, you'll be able to access the majority of Google products with your organizational account. Remember that your organization owns this data.
  • Review the options for transferring data between accounts. 
    At this time, data transferring options are limited. See information on merging accounts or data.
  • Learn how to access two accounts at the same time
    You'll no longer be able to access multiple Google accounts in the same browser unless you enable an optional feature. See information on using multiple accounts.
  • Sync your Offline Gmail before the transition. 
    If you don't, you might lose your offline messages.
  • Offline Google Docs doesn't work with Google Apps accounts after the transition. 
    If you need Offline capabilities, please inform your administrator.
  • Not all products will be available for Google Apps accounts after the transition. 
    Many products will be unavailable for your Google Apps account at this time. You may want look through our complete list of unavailable products.
  • Any Picasa, Profile, or Wave usernames cannot be moved from an existing account to your Google Apps account. 
    If you used Picasa Web Albums with personal Google Accounts, you will not be able to reuse your old Picasa Web Album display usernames. You will have to sign up for a new display username.

Have a great week!


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