This week's Technorati article is focused on reviewing a few, FREE online tools in diagnosing your site's potential "problem areas":

  • How long is your site taking to load?
  • What element is taking the longest?
  • How many images are being loaded?
  • Which is the largest object?

Site performance is important…nobody likes to wait and your customers will not wait forever for your site to load!!! Find out how fast your site is! Or how slow!

In addition, I mention helpful tips in making your page load faster.

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Landing Pages

One thing I forgot to mention is the use of a landing page!  That will REALLY speed up your loading time! Not to mention it will make your site stand out and set focus on what it is you want your readers to pay attention to!

Here is a sample I created for Visual Persuasion (a corporate training company specializing in specific Adobe products) for a new class they are offering.  The "blur" you see in the Register Now button is really an animated "glow". To view it live, click here. They are working on placing it into their website layout.

CM Capture 2

This is one example of a landing page.

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