In helping a customer, Jennifer Van Wart, with her new beach themed blog,, she asked if there was a way to hear the ocean sound when someone visited her blog?  Guess what, there is!

Jennifer has a Blogger blog and it was very simple to install.  I still have to test for TypePad and but it will probably be the same (Notes Typelist or Embed Your Own Code in Typepad, or a Text Widget in again, I have to test that. This post and instruction has been tested in Blogger.

First, I went to this sight to find free ocean sounds (and there are of course other free sounds as well):

Then, you simply need to modify, copy and paste this code into a new HTML/JavaScript gadget. Substitute your image/sound file in the highlighted areas and that's it.

<embed src="" autostart=true loop=true volume=100 hidden=true><noembed><bgsound src="">

Save Changes and you're done 😀

NOTE: in this example I set loop=true so it continuously plays. You can set this to false if you only want it to play once!

One last thing is that many like playing music on their blog, such as a play list. Go to to check that out! Just keep in mind not everyone likes to hear music when blog surfing.


Heather Wright-Porto 


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