Bradley Jenkins is a customer who purchased and read one of my books (thank you Brad!), Beginning Google Blogger, and had a few questions on how to make his blog more interactive.

Originally I sent him these links to enhance his Blogger's comments area.

  • Widget Box: Easily add a comment feature to any part of your site! As users add comments, they are broadcast to all other users visiting the page, allowing users to see the conversation happening in realtime! 
  • Techno Juice: Reformats your comments area, creating a pop-up box.

However, he wanted more of a Facebook-like look and function. I will soon be writing a full article on the Facebook-type Comments area, but here are a few widgets I've found to help generate communication between you and your readers and with Facebook.

Facebook Comments Integration

To create more of a Facebook-Like comment area, here is a great widget to try. I will be featuring a full article on this as I experiment with it for my own blogs!

Chat Boxes
Instead of or in addition to, you may want to add a Chat Box to your sidebar. That's another way for people to "chat" with you 😀
  • Cbox - this is a very popular gadget for your blog's sidebar. It's very similar to other chat boxes you may use, such as the Chat in Facebook.
  • Meebo Me - another great widget that resembles an IM functionality.

Hope this helps strike up conversations in your blogs and social media sites!

Have fun!

Heather Wright-Porto 

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