Fotolia_16677874_XS We are always looking for ways to gain new leads and to increase traffic to our blogs.

Similarly to how you use a newsletter to drive traffic to your blog,  you can use the same concept with Facebook.

Summarize or begin an article on Facebook, and then do a "Read More" or "View Full Story" and have it link to your blog (a post or page).  

In following this concept, when you use NetworkedBlogs, a popular Facebook application, to have your blog posts feed into your Facebook page (or wall if personal blog), it automatically does this – shows only a snippet of your blog post where the user will need to click on it to read more.

To learn more about using Facebook to drive traffic to your site, click here to read more from ProBlogger or click here to read more from Social Media Examiner.

Helping your build your online presence….Happy Blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto 

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