Popular This week I have directed many customers to the following tutorials, so they've made my "Popular Articles" list this week. This listing is separate and in addition to the Blogs By Heather Q&A. This list is just tutorials that have been requested and "popular" this week so I wanted to share them with you in case you're also looking for them!

  1. How do I remove the "blogspot" or "typepad" or "wordpress" from my blog's address? The answer is domain mapping. Regardless of which blog platform you are using, you can map a domain to it (which means to use the domain address and hide the original blogspot, typepad, wordpress part of the URL).  It if fairly simple to do too! 
    • First, you need to purchase a domain. You can purchase one through me too! Visit www.BlogsByHeatherDomains.com. I also have a tutorial on how to do the mapping for Blogger, TypePad and WordPress blogs, but would be more than happy to assist you!
    • Then you need to take the steps necessary in performing the "map", which means to modify the CNAME record in the registrar (Blogs By Heather Domains, Go Daddy, Network Solutions or whichever "registrar" you choose). Then you go to your blog and make the necessary changes there are well. NOTE: In TypePad you actually make the blog changes first, then go to change the CNAME record.
  2. How to link to a PDF from within Blogger.  TypePad and WordPress have built-in file managers making it a little easier in some way to upload and store your PDF and other files you would like to link to and share with your readers. However, this can be acomplished in Blogger, for free, using another free Google application called Google Docs (http://docs.google.com).  This tutorial explains briefly how to upload your document to Google Docs and link to it from your blog. IMPORTANT: While in Google Docs and after you've uploaded the document, be sure to go to Share Settings and make it PUBLIC so anyone can view the document!
  3. How to create a hyperlink (text) in a post.  A few readers have asked how to make it so a certain word is highlighted and then when clicked go to/links to another post of page or site.  This is called a hyperlink and more so a text hyperlink (as you are not using an image).  In this tutorial, it goes through how to highlight the work and use the toolbar's "link" button to create the desired hyperlink.
  4. How to add Etsy Mini to your blog's sidebar. Amongst crafters, Etsy is a very popular site for selling handmade items; like an eBay for crafters.  In this tutorial, you can quickly and easily add the Etsy Mini widget to your blog's sidebar which showcases a few of your items on Etsy and links directly to them from your blog's sidebar.
  5. How to find the list of those people subscribed to your blog (FeedBurner). You may be very interested in finding out who has subscribed to your blog.  Many use email, email subscriptions and you can view that list. Others use a reader, such as Google Reader, where their address is not known but you can get a count of those that use a reader and those that subscribe via email.

Thanks for following me and for searching my blog. If you're looking for something specific let me know and I'd be happy to help! You may also use the Google Search box in the left sidebar 😀

Happy Blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto

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