Popular I'm on vacation this week but thought I'd share with you several, popular Blogs By Heather articles, by customer request – meaning customers frequently ask me how to do these things and I refer them to these links and tutorials.

So if you're a new subscriber or missed these articles the first time around or just want to go through them again… here they are!

  • Using a Store Page Template – creating an online, blog store. Step by Step instructions on how to use a template to insert images of your store items and create paypal buttons for each as well.
  • SEO Tips – a series of articles on how to improve your online presence and blog content.
  • Inserting a PayPal button – accept payments online!
  • How to add a watermark to your images – free and easy program and tutorial.
  • Reorganizing and cleaning up your blog - a series of posts to help you clean up your blog and declutter your sidebars! Includes topics like how to create dropdown boxes, categorize your posts, and lay out your blog for optimal speed.
  • Free PDF Tutorials - a series of PDFs created for Paper & Pixels online magazine I wrote for; they are free and in PDF form rather than blog post form. Articles include how to add a "Follow Me" section to your blog with small Facebook and Twitter icons, how to create an image link, how to setup Google Places and more!
  • Check out the new Blogs By Heather Q&A! This is a fairly new section and feature of Blogs By Heather where I recap the answers of the questions YOU ask me during the week 😀 Lots of great questions! Articles include information about subscribers/followers, domain mapping, dropdown menus, how to remove a link in a PDF and many more simple and complex answers.

Happy Blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto

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