Many of us use newsletter (email marketing) services like Constant Contact, AWeber, MailChimp, and so on to deliver information to "our" list of customers; which is a great tool in itself in building relationships, promoting sales or driving traffic to your site. However, how do you find NEW CUSTOMERS? This is a question that I am ask often.

Create online press releases that get distributed to the right people===new potential customers for you!

Take a moment to look into a few of these online resources – from free services to great exposure (big bucks).

Here are 8 reasons to get started
(provided by when writing about PRWeb):

  1. Be more visible and reach new customers. Online releases get your story straight to the search engines that everyone uses to search for products or services. When people search for a local business in your field on Google, they'll find you there.
  2. Get your website found faster. The links to your website you include in your online news releases help your site to boost its search rankings. That means you move up the page on Google, get found before your competitors, and look more credible.
  3. Grab attention with multimedia. A picture is worth a thousand words—so what’s a video that tells your story worth? Answer: a lot. Online news releases let you include multimedia like photos and videos that grab readers’ attention, and encourage them to share and republish it.
  4. You don’t need to be an expert. Even if you've never written a story or press release before, you can create one quickly and easily. All you need is a good story about your business. If you’re nervous about writing, choose a service with professional editors who check your story before it goes live.
  5. Spread the word across Facebook and Twitter. Because it’s easy to link to an online news release, readers can share your story across social networks like Facebook and Twitter with little effort. You might even go viral if people love your story. 
  6. Get publicity in the news. Online releases can get your story onto major news sites like Google News and Yahoo News, connecting you with local readers and also journalists who search these sites for new stories to cover. A good service will also send your story directly to thousands of journalist and blogger subscribers.   
  7. It’s current—but it lasts forever. A good release service will host your release forever, meaning that it stays online making you visible forever—all in one, single purchase. Once your release is published, there are no additional fees to budget for.
  8. You get the feedback you need to grow. A good service will tell you how often your headline is viewed and your release is read, and even show you where your readers are. It shows you what works and helps you target your next one better, meaning that you can improve your effectiveness time after time.

Helping you build your online business, one blog at a time and having fun doing it!

Heather Wright-Porto 



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