CM Capture 7 Many of my customers sell digital goods online, such as PDFs or tutorials, and many already use PayPal to setup their cart and accept online payments. I mean, who doesn't have PayPal right?

However, they have had to manually email customers the digital content upon receiving their order.

In other cases I have setup others on Cartville, which costs $99 a month to have the digital download ability.  I have research and tested others like e-Junkie, ByteCommerce and a few others.


Check This Out!

Digital Goods
Well while working for a customer tonight I came across PayPal's digital goods process –  You have to go check this out!

My customers are going to be doing the "happy dance" when they read this post! What a wonderful feature added to PayPal. 

Click here to view the Datasheet (PDF).

Click here to see the demo.

Click here to visit the main Digital Goods site where you can read and learn all about PayPal's Digital Goods options.

Click here to get started.

I am soooo excited to share this with you and my customers. I'd be happy to help you build your Digital Goods PayPal Store!  I can also secure your PDFs!  New service coming soon! Subscribe to my newsletter to learn more about it before everyone else!

Go PayPal!!!!

Heather Wright-Porto 

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