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Many of my customers have their custom blog graphics (banner, background, post signature, footers, sidebar buttons) stored on Google Sites.

A few customers are now reporting that their images are NOT showing up all of a sudden.  I believe this is a temporary issue with Google Sites (a free service by Google who also owns Blogger).

I am positng questions on their forums and will update my blog here with any resolutions or updates found. 

  • It is not a sharing issue/permissions issue as my customers have their settings set to Public (anyone in the world can see them).
  • And I have confirmed that the URLs are correct as if I use them, the Google Sites image appears fine (and that again confirms the permissions are set correctly).
  • I've tried to resinsert the images and they do appear fine for a moment; but once I refresh the browser they again disappear.

For now, I would not change anything and leave it as it will become a known issue for Blogger/Google Sites.

HERE are THREADS I've created to try and
and if you wish to follow them as well 😀


On the Blogger Help Site:


On Google Sites Help Center:





Try and Wait This Out

Worse case I can assist my customers in moving their images from Google Sites to another free service like Flickr or Photobucket, but then involves re-doing all of the images and URL references to the images stored on Google Sites. I coulnd't possibly do them all so I would probably have to write a PDF/tutorial 😀

So again, I would not do anything at this time and wait to see if the issue resolves itself. Google normally fixes problems like this within a few days.

I will keep you posted!

Heather 😀

P.S. To occasionally check Blogger Known Issues, click here.

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