All About Landing Pages

Let’s dive in and just start talking about landing pages. What is a landing page? What does it mean? In simplest terms, a landing page is where you visitors “land” (are directed to) when they come to your site. Many use a landing page to promote a new service or to draw your visitor’s attention to something specific. You can create a landing page that looks just like the rest of your blog or one that has a totally different look and feel and without sidebars!

Improve Load Time

In addition to providing a new look to your site, creating a custom landing page will speed up your site’s loading time – this is because there will be no sidebars to load and typically a custom landing page has fewer items, specific items placed to draw your visitors in and focus their attention.

Landing Page Samples

RememberThisandThatThis is a sample I did for Melissa at Remember This, Remember That for her new scrapbooking store! She uses a TypePad blog and has mapped a custom domain. Her landing page features an animated show featuring her store space and new, recent projects, a subscribe/sign up box as well as navigational buttons. We used “hardware” to create her navigation on the right side.  

In this next example, I created this landing page for an Adobe Training company, Visual Persuasion. They wanted an actual web page to insert into their traditional website (not a blog); and would link to it from their newsletter and social media.  This landing page was and is used to promote a new InDesign to ePub class they are offering. It features fun, bright graphics, a 3D cool image and animated “Register Now” action button.


In this example, I created a sample landing page for my new book, Creative Blogging.  This is a sample. Very clean, simple, no sidebars, but I kept the banner.


I had a lot of fun creating them all!  

So whether you are interested in creating a landing page for your blog or traditional website, I’d be more than happy to help!

Price: $50.00

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