I'm having fun going through a bunch of questions being posted on my blog in individual posts as well as those posted in the Q&A area.  I will get to all of them and now answer them individually for better SEO results (so I can put each question in the Title) 😀 However I am still categorizing them with the Catetory "Q&A" so you may quickly review all of them.

This next question is about working with pages and then also how to setup a Popular Articles or Top Ten type of page where you link to popular/certain posts. 

Question: How do pages work?

Hi do you know how "pages" work? i want put many posts in the same page but i don't know how do it… is that possible? the idea is create one page like "notices" and inside that page posts notices when i want like we do in the main page.


As previously stated this is a loaded question (LOL) and we'll review it in pieces. Pages are more for static information, such as information "About You" or on your services or even a page setup like a store displaying products and paypal buttons. 

They are created in the same fashion as posts, but posts are what you write with frequency and those of which your blog followers get updated with. When you create a page, your subscribers do not know about it unles you post about it!  Such as you are stating a new Club, so you create a page about it. When you're done you may write up a post about it and link to your new page for more details and registration.  I have done this with the Stamp Out Breast Cancer event I was part of during the summer. I posted about it but also had a page about it to then link to.

You also use pages to reorganize your blog. You can create a page called "Recommended Services" like mine which contain a list of badges of your favorite, recommend sites for example. This would mean you would remove them from your sidebars to free up space.

Okay, however, what I think you want to do is actually create a "page" that links to other posts, similarly of what I do in my Popular Articles Round-Up posts (but you would create a page). First you find the post you want to link to, right-click on the Title and select Copy Shortcut/Copy Link Location.  Then you create the page and the text and title about that post.  Then highlight the text and click on the Insert Link button from your post editor toolbar. Then Paste and it will paste in the link/URL you just copied. You would continue these steps for as many posts you want to link to.  Then remember to publish you page! Then be sure you add a link to your Nav Bar area to link to that new page (in TypePad), WordPress will auto add the page to your Navigation Menu, and in Blogger you would click Add Pages Gadget).

Hope this helps!

Happy Blogging 😀
Heather Wright-Porto

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