Bloggers welcome comments and I'm sure as a blogger you leave comments on other blogs. Typically, you find the word "Comments" in the post footer area and click on it to then enter a comment form area.  In Typepad, in the Post Footer area you see "Comments(29)" for example; which means 29 people have commented on that given post.  So, can you change that word "Comments" to "Testimonials"?

NOTE: Although this is a TypePad question, in the resolution area of this post I will also discuss Blogger and WordPress solutions as well.


Hi! In the comment link of a typepad blog, I would like to change the word 'comment' to 'testimonies'. Is that something you can do?


In TypePad:

If you go to Settings and then Comments you will find many settings regarding your comments, such as setting comment moderation. However, there is no place to change the label for leaving comments.  The only way you would be able to do this is if you converted you blog to use Advanced Templates. Click here to learn more about Advanced Templates.  I normally do not recommend people convert to Advanced Templates unless there is an absolute, real need for something with high importance and/or specific functionality, as it is heavily based on writing HTML and CSS code.

In Blogger:

Go to your blog, then Design, then Page Elements.  And click Edit in the middle or wherever your Blog Posts section is. If you are using the new Blogger Dashboard, then go to your blog, then Layout and click the Edit for the Blog Posts area.

Then, you will see this screen where you can change the word "Comments" to "Testimonials" if you wanted.

In WordPress:

You would go to your Dashboard, then Settings, then Discussion.  In there, go to the bottom and you can modify the text "Leave a Reply" to "I would love your testimonial" for example.

Hope this helps!

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Heather Wright-Porto 


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