How do I improve my search engine rank? How do people find me on the web? How to do I get new customers? How do I get people to visit my site? 

In reviewing a video from Rich Brooks of, here is what I have summarized from his presentation on how to improve your search engine visibility. Specifically, how to use your blog to increase your online, search engine visibility.

In the last post we discussed On Page Optimization which focused on the content and quality of your blog content. In this post we will discuss Off page Optimization (the quality and quantity of inbound links) and link building opportunities.


Think of incoming links (from other sites) as votes of confidence. And keep in mind not all links "are created equal".

  • Is the site linking to you a trustworthy site?
  • How many links are coming to you (be directed to your blog)?
  • What is the context of the site referring you…is it the same topic?
  • The "anchor text" (wording in the link) that links to should be SEO friendly, SEO Optimized.


First, you need to create valuable content and something meaningful to and desired by your audience.

Use these techniques:

  1. Numbered lists. Such as 10 ways to do this…7 tips to do this…..the top 5 <something>
  2. How to articles are popular and wanted!
  3. Embed videos!!!  People love videos!
  4. List of best blogs in your industry.  Link and summarize their blog and be sure to email them to let them know you have linked to them.
  5. Be sure to add your blog to "directories" like Technorati (click here to learn how to claim your blog). 
  6. Leave intelligent, meaningful comments on other influential blog. Create conversation and many will follow you back to your blog.
  7. Be a guest blogger. Go to to look for guest bloggers or to be a guest blogger.


Social Media, like Facebook, can be used to help direct traffic to your blog, but FB comments and posts are not indexed in search engines (this may change in the future). 


How to you take the traffic you built on your blog and pass it to your other online entities – you website, Facebook, Twitter.

  1. From your blog, you can link to products or services pages on your website.
  2. Sign every post with your name and phrase or link to another area of your website or blog or social media. 
  3. Quality links to yourself.


I hope you enjoyed this series. In the next post we'll summarize what we've learned over the last few posts on SEO and add a few more tips!

Happy blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto
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