Fotolia_16677874_XSIn the recent article series "How do I get people to find me on the web?" we addressed many techinques on how to use your blog to increase your online exposure and improve your search engine rank.  I shared with you tips I had learned from Rich Brooks, and then also added my own thoughts as well to give you the best coverage of this very hot topic.


In part one, we review three things you need to help improve your blog's online visibility – the right platform (Brooks recommends WordPress), your own domain name, and commitment!


In part two, On Page Optimization, we talk about keyword analysis and tools that are free (and those you can pay for) to help you find the best keywords for your business – those that high search volume but low competition. See Google Adwords Keyword Tool (it's free!).

We continued with what you need to do in your blog posts to help each article (post) you write have the opportunity to rank well.  Tips include:

  • using keywords in your post title
  • more heavily towards the top of your blog post, then sprinkle throughout
  • using ALT tags on your images
  • use formatting such as Bold and of course your heading titles (H1, H2, H3).

Most importanly it is important to understand that achieving good search engine results takes time!  Brook says up to SIX MONTHS or consistently posting 2 to 3 times a week.  So that is your new goal!  Start today!


In part three, we discuss Off Page Optimization, and that is links that are inbound to your site, whether its you linking to yourself or other sites linking to yours.  Not all links are "created equal".  When building links keep in mind is the site linking to you a trustworthy site, what is the text being used to link to you (anchor text), and more.  

This part was focused on link building and how it can used to expand your search engine success and feed your other online sites – your website, Facebook, Twitter.

I hope you enjoyed this SEO Series!

Heather Wright-Porto 

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