A long time customer of mine, Renee Blodgett, Down the Avenue (www.DownTheAvenue.com), attened the BlogWorldExpo and shares Shani Higgins' (CEO of Technorati) thoughts on the state of the blogosphere.  

I think what makes me smile the most is that 44% of bloggers, blog 2 or 3 times a week! I strive to be in this percentage 😀 At times I fall short (such as recently when being very ill), but I like to get right back into it and get back to consistently posting (which helps with SEO as well)!

Below is a snippet of her post:

When Mitch Joel, who has been blogging for about as long as I have, asked "what defines a blog today? Is Huffington Post a blog? Is an economist who presents an opinion on a site that looks like a blog a blog? Says Higgins, "the independent web is what blogs are…." In other words, not necessarily controlled by a brand or a publisher.

Of bloggers today, 61% are hobbyists. Professional part-timers make up 13%, corporate bloggers make up 8% and entrepreneurs, which is a new category this year is roughly around 13%.

Of bloggers geographically, 50% of bloggers still comes from the US, which apparently hasn't changed much from last year. 65% are aged between 18-44 years old and 59% are male, which is down by 5%, meaning more women are blogging than last year this time.

An oustanding stat is that on average, bloggers have 3 blogs, 50% have been blogging 4+ years, 80% have been blogging 2 or more years, 44% blog 2-3 times per week or more, with pro segments blogging daily. One third of bloggers work in the mainstream media as a writer, reporter, producer or on-air personality. Click here to read more!


Michelle and I worked on converting her banner to a fluid design to stretch across the screen, I setup all her sidebar items – check at all those dropdowns! They used to be huge typelists! Read here on how to convert your lists to space-saving dropdowns! Click here to read the Reorganize Your Blog Series of posts.

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