Although Twitter is launching its new Brand Pages feature, it is only available right now for a selected 21 marketers/companies. Amongst them are:

American Express, Best Buy, Bing, Chevrolet, Coca-ColaDell ,Disney, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, JetBlue, Kia,McDonald'sNike , PepsiCo, Staples, Verizon Communications Wireless, NYSE Euronext, Heineken, Subway and Paramount Pictures. 

It is said it will be available to the public soon enough! Yea! So it'll get to us!

So what does this mean? What's available or new or different on a Brand Page?

Brand pages have two key elements (both of them free).

  • They can be customized with large header images that advertisers can use to display their logo and tagline more prominently than under the standard format, where branded elements of the page design are often partially covered by the time line of tweets. (Cotton Delo)
  • Brands can also choose to keep a particular tweet at the top of their time line, and that top tweet also auto-expands to reveal an embedded photo or video from Flickr, YouTube or other sources, without requiring the user to take action. (Cotton Delo)

Additionally, they separate out a brand's @ replies and mentions, which helps with customer service and for the brand to have a way to keep its messaging from getting diluted.

Happy Tweeting!

Heather Wright-Porto

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