A few months ago I wrote a series of articles on Membership Sites.

  • What to do BEFORE you start one but more so
  • the different TYPES of memberships site and what applications you can use to create and manage them!

In that, Part 2, I discussed Mini-Memberships or seasonal memberships. These can be done in the same way I had setup my Blogs By Heather AM or when many of use do a Countdown to Christmas or 12 weeks of Christmas type of newsletter.

Constant Contact now has AutoResponders!  Even the free MAIL CHIMP does too!!!! However, I decided to go with Aweber and its integration with PayPal subscriptions.

Aweber was not so user-friendly and in fact difficult for many to use and manipulate, add images or a TOC.  Very difficult for those not knowing HTML and very, very different for those moving from Constant Contact.

GREAT NEWS: Aweber launches a new broadcast editor!

Aweber is beta testing its new Broadcast Editor (newsletter editor) and it is really cool. It is a HUGE improvement and does make it much, much easier to create newsletters (broadcasts).

I attened this free webinar, but am posting the link here for you to view for yourself! I'm not sure how long these links will be active…so check them out if you have ever wondered about Aweber and how to create newsletters (now with their new editor)!


Join Aweber today for your newsletter or membership sites!
Starting at just $1 to try it for a month!

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