Your How-To article are back!!! New year and I got your survey results. You want How-To articles so that's what you'll be getting here at Blogs By Heather.

What happened to my Blogger?

Blogger got a makeover! A new layout, dashboard and more!  I wrote a nice article on this when I first noticed the new makevoer coming back in September…but it's still relevant! So click here to review all the new changes in the new look on Blogger!


new blogger interface

But…what if you want to go back! What if you like and came to love the Old Blogger. Don't worry, you can go back!

  • From this new interface (similar to that shown above), you will see the Setting icon (that looks like a gear) in the upper right corner.
  • Click on it and a dropdown appears.


settings to switch to old interface


  • Click on Old Blogger Interface.
  • And that's it! Old Blogger is back!

Try the New Blogger Interface

If and when yu're ready to go back and try the new interface, simply click the "Try the Updated Blogger Interface" which is shown below, and right under your login details (upper right area of your screen).


go try the new interace


Then, remember to review my notes on how to get around the new interface: click here to review all the new changes in the new look on Blogger!


Pinterest how-to tutorial coming! This was just a quick topic I have recently been asked about…how to go back to the Old Blogger! And I'm trying to get out many, new and revived "How-To" articles here on Blogs By Heather! Thanks for reading!

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