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I’ve gotten a few inquiries about blogging from the iPad and how to insert images and such. When doing my original post from the iPad back in the summer of 2011 when I got my iPad, I went to Safari, logged into TypePad and composed a post there. However, it had to be written in all HTML and I was having trouble with the “Preview”. So in order to see anything I had to “Publish” it, then go back to edit it, then “Publish”, then edit until I got it perfect.

When I inserted images that way, I had to load them first to a Photobucket account or TypePad (blog) file manager; somewhere online. Then use HTML code to insert the image using the HTML tag. TIP: You can learn a lot of HTML coding by going to and then click on Learn HTML from the left. You can click on Learn CSS as well! Go check that out too 😀

Using BlogPress App for iPad

However, I downloaded this app called BlogPress from the AppStore for the iPad. And I am typing away in here while writing this post.

As soon as it was setup, I quickly and simply added blog accounts, such as my TypePad and Blogger blogs, linked to my Picasa Web album account, and you can link to Facebook and Twitter as well.

So I clicked on my TypePad blog and simply started typing in this editor. Now, I do have the detachable iPad keyboard to make typing and blogging easier for me 😀

Insert an Image
To insert an image, you can click the camera icon they have at the top right and take a picture right then, or take it from your media library on your iPad.

This is a picture my daughter Michaela (5) created with one of her Dress-Up iPad apps and saved on the iPad Media Library. I clicked on it and it inserted, centered and beautifully and with just a click!

You can also click the HTML button on the upper right and choose from popular HTML commands from a visual menu, and then the HTML code is inserted for you so you don’t have to write your own!!!

Set Your Categories
Oh, it gets better! Before you are ready to Publish, don’t forget to set your Categories! In this app, to the right of your Blog Post Title, there is a little “i” italicized which is for Options. It opens a window where you can select from the list of categories you have on your blog! Check them off and you’re done! You can also select Labels and Tags as well.

Save, Preview, Publish!
Then, when ready to save, click the Save button at the top right and you can click and save to local drafts (on your iPad), save to online drafts (to you TypePad or blog account), Save and Publish, Save and Preview and more! How cool is that!!!!!

BlogPress Gets a Thumbs Up!
Oh I love this BlogPress app. It was $2.99 on the AppStore. Do you have another iPad blogging favorite? If so, share it here in this posts comments and let us know what you think of the app you are using to blog with your iPad!

Keep blogging…even from your iPad while watching your favorite TV show! LOL.
Heather 😀

Heather Wright-Porto

P.S. Preparing a great how-to article for you for Pinterest! How to invite, what to do when you’re invited, how to setup pin boards, how to pin, how to follow people and more!

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