Password ProtectedHave you wanted to password protect your Blogger blog?  In this past post on building Membership Sites, we discussed a Password Protected "page" and in it discuss the existing ways to protect a site. In Blogger, this was different from TypePad and WordPress, as instead of providing a password, you instead manually "invite" people to a blog you want "private" and viewed by only those you invite.

That solution works for many, but the traditional password protection is much more desired.  So in helping a customer set this up in her Blogger blog, I thought I'd share the solution with you!

Familiarize yourself with password protection.

First, read this past post on password protected site and pages. You will be using the code there in this mini-tutorial. You may also find it here.

Next, some prep work!

  • Create a New Page on your Main Blog.
    • If you are password protecting Blog B which is a family blog for example, then in your main blog, Blog A, you may wish to create a "page" thats entiled "Password Needed" and in that page you write a simple note explaining that "The blog you were trying to view is password protected. If you feel you are reaching this message in error, please contact me at <your email address>."
    • Publish the page (no gadget to be added).
    • View Page to get the URL.
  • Save/Note this URL as you need it in the following steps.

Put into action!

Next, login to Blogger, go to the Dashboard and click Design.  If using the new Blogger interface, then go to your blog and click on Layout (from the left).

Next, click Add a Gadget and choose HTML/JavaScript.

Copy and paste in this code (also downloadable here) in the large text box (leaving the title blank):

Edit this code.

  • Change the occurances of the word TypePad with whatever password you want to use.
  • Replace the URL of with the URL from the page you previously created above in the prep work area.

In the HTML/JavaScript gadget, click Save to save the code.

That's it, you're done! Your site is now password protected and they will need the password to get in. PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER, this is not the most secure way of password protecting a page! It's just the only way that is available for Blogger.


To Password-Protect a Page Only (not the entire blog)

If you don't want to protect your entire blog but just a "page" that my have videos or private information for just your downline or family.

  • Create your page as you normally would.
  • Finishing composing the page until the only thing left is to "protect" it.
  • Switch to Edit HTML view.
  • Copy and paste in the code below to the top of your page.
  • Edit the password (in my example it is TypePad) and the site to be directed to if the password is incorrect (in my example it is my site).
  • Then you can Publish the page. 

When you the go to view the page, you will be prompted for the password. If it is CORRECT the page content will be shown. If it is WRONG then they are directed to your main site or another page you may have created for an "Oops. try again".

Remember to replace the TypePad password I used in my example and replace my site address ( with your own!


Click here to download the text file so you can copy and paste, edit the code for your page!



When logging into your Blogger blog, do so from the main blogger site,  This will allow you to login and access your blogs in case you accidentally put the code in the wrong place or on the wrong blog.

If you get stuck, feel free to post a comment here as others can benefit from your questions and answers 😀

Heather 😀

Heather Wright-Porto 

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