Email Marketing $19/Month!Have your tried Aweber's new broadcast editor (newsletter editor)? Well, it's getting there and is a great improvement needed for many – a visual editor!  

Aweber is well known for it's Autoresponders, Blog Broadcasts and integration abilities, such as setting up a PayPal subscription for your new Membership Site.

However, it was lacking in an easy newsletter creator in comparison to the templates in Constant Constant and the ease of modifying them.

I still think Constant Contact's template editors are better and offer much more flexibility in editing. Constant contact offers great flexibily in formatting article headers, type, colors, adding images, modifying the stylesheet, and so much more. However Aweber's new broadcast editor is a good start for them. I hope they continue to improve it.

So what's it missing?

  • A Table of Contents item to drag and drop in.
  • Along the same lines, you cannot set Anchors to create your own Table of Contents in the new Paragraph item.
  • There is now HTML item you can drag and drop on for cases where you need to or want to write your own HTML.
  • You can either use the visual editor or the HTML editor,  you cannot combine both. Where in Constant Contact you can and easily. 

So, in regards to creating newsletters easily and visually, Constant Contact still gets my vote. But for those who already love and use Aweber, the new broadcast editor (visual editor) does offer a new, easier way in creating newsletter w/o the use or knowledge of HTML code.

Heather 😀

More to come….

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