I've been receiving a few emails regarding recent Blogger issues. So I went searching for some answer for you and found this great site, Known Blogger Issues.  So if you are a Blogger user, make sure to bookmark that site! 

Another GREAT site to bookmark in finding info on Blogger issues is this group/forum, Google Groups – Blogger.

Unmigrated Legacy Accounts Message

The most recent problem is dated Friday, April 17th and about the "unmigrated legacy Google accounts" you may have.  This has to do with a blog you haven't touched (logged into) since 2007! 

Click here to read more about this issue (which may be a non-issue really) and other known blogger issues.


Trouble Posting

If you are having trouble posting, you ar probably using Internet Explorer 9.0.  From the browser go to Tools -> Compatibility View and you should then be ok.


Scheduling Posts Not Posting Issue

This is a very current and big issue. I don't yet see a resolution to it. Here's a link to a ton of posts reporting the problem. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


My Blog is Completely Different

You are probably now looking at the New Blogger Interface. 


Happy to keep you updated,

Heather 😀

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