First, and this is for everyone (not just Blogger bloggers), you do have a SEO advantage when adding your Google+ badget to your site!

So, with Google owning Blogger, there is a new gadget you can easily install on your Blogger blog (after you have set up a Google Plus account of course).

Adding Google+ To Your Blogger Blog

In Blogger, go to Design and Page Elements. If using the new Blogger, go to Layout from your dashboard area.

  • Click Add a Gadget.


  • You will see the G+ button and the Google+ Badget. We'll add both.
  • Click on the 1st one, the G+ button.


  • You can leave all the defaults and click Save.
  • It's then added to your sidebar. Drag and drop where you would like it.
  • Next, click Add a Gadget again.
  • Now click the Google+ Badge gadget.
  • Enter a title if desired like "Follow me on Google" or "Google+ Badge".
  • Then you must get your Google Plus ID. If in Google+ you can get this ID from your Profile area.
  • Then click Save. Drag and drop the gadget.
  • You're done!

Enjoy! And be sure to read the article referenced above by Social Media Examiner!  Very great source of information on all social media!

Happy Blogging,

Heather 😀

Heather Wright-Porto 


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