Fotolia_25783431_XSTaking some time off….I'll be MIA for a little bit (not really, read on).

For the next month I am working on personal projects…THREE new services!

 Therefore, I need to take some time off to work on these great new services, get them done and delivered!  

I have many items I'm still working on but just want to take about a month off from taking on any more right now until I get my new services launched!

Outstanding Items I am still working on:
Answering emails —- I will continue to go through all my email on new setups and questions. I have an assistant to help me with all the new Blog Setups coming in!

Karel S – various blog/FB help
Dayanna – WP Setup (in progress) 
Jessica L. – Landing Page, FB Cover

Blog Setups (For new setups coming in, don't worry, I have an assistant for those!)

There are various other little tweaks for SU Demos!! I just am not listing them all here.

No Interruption in Maintenance or Blogs By Heather AM!
If you're a SU Demo, keep your blog and newsletter updated every month, quickly and easily w/o doing a thing!
Blog Maintenance
Newsletter Maintenance

If I assist you with Debbie McNeill's SUN Newsletters, that service will continue as well, no interruption.

If I'm working on a project for you other than blog design and blog setup (which are not listed here but will still get done!) or have any questions on my to-do list, please feel free to email me :D

I will continue to post and such. I'm just not taking on more "new" work for about a month while getting ready to launch THREE new services for you!!! How exciting!

Thanks for your patience,

Heather 😀

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