I just received this in my Inbox today and wanted to share with you, many of my TypePad users! This is a very cool feature and similar to the LinkWithin that many of us share. Love the addition of improving SEO in posts! Once of the difference from LinkWithin is that you can link to other articles on the Web outside your blog. I'm sure for many of us that's not all that desirable as we like to keep focus and interlinks on our blogs, but it is a part of the Zemanta feature that is different.

For example, in this post I used the Recommended Links for SEO and blogs. Notice if you click those words/links it takes you to Wikipedia and the definition of SEO and the other one, blogs.  However, I would much rather link to SEO Tips on my blog. So I'm not 100% sure if this is feature I will utilize that much, but it's kinda cool. I know I've seen this feature on many WordPress blogs.

This product is in BETA and if you are part of the Beta you will see it appear at the bottom of you post editor box, in a section called Recommended Links, as shown in the TypePad article snapshot below.


Beginning today, TypePad Beta users will be able to take part in testing the Recommended Linksfeature, powered by a new partnership with Zemanta. As the first of our integrations with Zemanta,Recommended Links will allow you to quickly and easily select content-specific links that are relevant to your post.

Selected Recommended Links

The generated recommendations will be pulled from your previously published posts, as well as relevant posts from other TypePad bloggers and articles across the internet. With your use of this feature, your posts should experience an SEO boost, and give your readers access to previously untapped content to enhance their interaction with your blog.

We invite you to read more about this feature release to all Beta members at Everything TypePad and look forward to your feedback about the feature itself.


Keep me posted on how you like it…post a comment and share with me and others here 😀

Happy blogging,

Heather Wright-Porto

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