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It is that time where I am getting a lot of email about Demonstrators wanting to form a Virtual Club, Online Class, or some type of Membership Site.

Many are those with Blogger blogs and inquiring about WordPress transfers or whether they can use Blogger, do they have to move, what are their options.

Sooooooo…….I am going to write up a huge article on this, an expansion on my previously published articles on SERIES: Membership Sites.

It is NOT just for Blogger bloggers but for anyone looking for information on setting up a virtual club, online class, or membership site:

  • what you need to know, 
  • what are your options, 
  • what is the difference between all of them, 
  • what is the best for YOU, your business, your goals, your skill level, your budget!

MUST READ: Wanting to Start a Membership Site?

I highly recommend you read these articles first on Membership Sites and all the various options. Most importantly,  what you need to consider BEFORE starting one. Click here to read all my articles on this subject – Membership Sites. Keep in mind, WordPress and the Wishlist plugin (WordPress plugin only) is not your only option.

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  • Don't miss this GREAT opportunity to learn so much BEFORE purchasing a bunch of tools you may not need.

Again, be sure your read these informative artilces on Membership Sites NOW: My articles on what to consider BEFORE starting a Membership Site and many options available.  Keep in mind, WordPress and the Wishlist plugin (WordPress plugin only) is not your only option, although a viable option for some. Again, I will be discussing so much and what is best for you.

This new exclusive newsletter, featured article is going to be quite lengthy and have tons of information including even MORE options for you, not previously discussed. 

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