Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a superb email marketing software program and one of the easiest to use! They even give you TWO MONTHS, yes that is 60 days to try it for FREE!

One feature it was lacking and why many turned to other email marketing/newsletter systems like Aweber, was the auto-responder feature. Well…it now has it!!!

So for those who have asked…"NO you now do NOT have to move over to Aweber to have an autoresponder ability!" Constant Contact is much, much easier to use than Aweber (even with Aweber's new drag-and-drop broadcast editor), has many great, customizable templates to choose from and more! Yes, I am a very proud Constant Contact affiliate, but do use MailChimp and Aweber too. But now that I don't need to have Aweber for its auto-responder, I'm moving those lists (for Blogs by Heather AM program which keeps you updated DAILY on the latest social networking, blogging, small business tips and trends) to my Constant Contact account – so cool!

I am super excited!  Here's how to get started with Constant Contact's Autoresponder feature!

  • Login to Constant Contact
  • Go to Email
  • Then click Autoresponders
  • Then click to Watch the Video – it is loaded with how to create and use autoresponders to establish an ongoing relationship with you list and members!

The standard welcome email is sent when someone joins your mailing list through the Join My Mailing List form. This is in addition to your Autoresponder emails. (Constant Contact)

Want to sign up for Constant Contact, click here to get started today!

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