Written by guest author, James Martell.

Blogging is not as easy as most people like to think. This is because in order for someone to call a blog successful, they need to have a considerable amount of traffic. 

When you setup your WordPress site, one way you can ensure its success is by making sure that you optimize the site by using various WordPress plugins. These additional plugins can help increase a site’s traffic by allowing visitors to share its content with their friends and followers. I have used most of these plugins, and as Oscar Wilde puts it 'experience is one thing that you can’t get for nothing'. Therefore, I personally use these plugins and find them to be great. I have also, on the other hand, tried out a number of which are not so great.

Nonetheless, if you really want to increase your site traffic, then I recommend adding social media Plugins. These plugins also help you to gather in traffic from various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and redirect them to your site.

1. Socialize

Socialize is another social media plugin that enables the admin of a blog to put actionable bookmarks in a site’s posts. These bookmarks can be placed in various locations of the site. It does not require the use of Meta Keys so as a blog owner you can easily use it even if you do not have any knowledge about Meta Keys.

2. Facebook like Box

Facebook is known to have the second largest internet traffic. Does it already ring a bell in your ears? It should because if you have a plugin that can bookmark Facebook, you are guaranteed a share of their traffic. The Facebook Like Box is very easy to use. All that it takes is to just insert the code on your WordPress blog and you are done.

3. AddThis

AddThis, in my opinion this plugin is quite good. WordPress users can share posts or any other information from their site with various social sites. It uses a simple button to enable sharing, and as such, posts can be shared quickly.

AddThis plugin is the secret behind the huge social media traffic I have on my website. However, these are my top 2 selections for 2012. I personally find them to be great and quite useful:

4. GetSocial

This is a plugin that gives you the ability to add a light intelligent social media sharing box to your posts. It is a great plugin that should be used by any person who wants lots of traffic to their site. This plugin floats around a post, and it follows the reader when he or she scrolls down.

5. Social Media Tabs

Lastly, another top pick for 2012 is social media tabs. This is a plugin that enables a person to have social media tabs on the widget area of their site. Many widgets can be used at once, and it enables a person to view replies from various social media visitors.

Social media is a powerful tool once you learn how to harness it. Installing any one of these plugins on your site will surely get you more traffic to your site. And if you're reading this as research before you actually put together your very own site, I would suggest checking out the  DIY Thesis Theme Review, it is a great place to start if you're thinking of getting a small website or blog together.

Guest Author: Apart from trying out new WordPress themes, like the Genesis WordPress theme, Mike Kelley is always looking for new ways through which to increase traffic to his sites including ShopWPThemes. Today, he is an expert in creating podcasts on various topics and he can offer advice on how to increase traffic to your WordPress site.


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