Comment_deleteWe all get those annoying spam comments right? Shucks. You can turn on comment moderation in settings, however, if you need to remove or delete a comment for any reason, this tutorial is for you!  

Instructions are for TypePad, Blogger, and WordPress.


How-To TypePad: Delete a Comment

Let's begin with TypePad this time. From your Dashboard, click on the Comments link and you will then see a list of your comments published or not (depending on whether you have comment moderation on).


When you find a comment you want to delete, click the dropdown box to the right and choose Delete.  


Additionally, if you find many comments you want to delete you can click the check box to check them all off, and then click the Delete key at the bottom.

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Click yes if you wish to delete the comment(s).


How-To Blogger: Delete a Comment

Blogger's method is very similar to that of TypePad's and very simple.

Managing Comments in New Blogger Interface

If you are using the new Blogger interface, then your Dashboard area looks like this, on the left side. Click Comments to see and manage your comments and spam.


There are many arrows to highlight different areas in Comments. On the left side, you can see we are currently looking at Published comments (it's highlighted in Orange). On the left side, I highlighed the word Spam to let you know you can quickly manage and review those comments automatically marked by Google as spam.

In the middle you can check the boxes of those published comments you want to delete or mark as spam with the buttons highlighted at the top.

When you check one or more and click the Delete, there is no warning, the comments are quickly and easily deleted.

Managing Comments in the Old Blogger Interface

If you are still using and love the Old Blogger Interface, then you are used to this Dashboard below. Click on Comments to view and manage your blog comments.


Next, you'll notice we are viewing Published comments as that tab is highlighted. Check off any comment(s) you want to delete and then click the Delete button. The comment is quickly and easily removed with no confirmation.

Notice I highlighted another Spam tab at the top. That is if you want to view and manage those comments the Google automatically marked as spam. Sometimes there are good comments in there and you'll want to remove them from spam and publish them.


How-To WordPress: Delete a Comment

Whether you are using the free WordPress ( or using a self-hosted WordPress blog (one that you pay for, such as thru Host Gator or Blue Host), your Dashboard area will look like this (below) and you will have similar options on the left side. Click on the one labeled Comments (highlighted below).

View your comments (All, published, spam, those in the Trash (deleted), etc.).  In this example, we are viewing a published comment that is marked (check box is checked off, selected). To delete it you click the dropdown box entitled Buik Actions and click Move To Trash.


Again, regardless of which platform you are using it is a good idea to review your comments and those marked as spam, as sometimes there are good comments in there! If you find you are getting a lot of spam comments, make sure you have Word Verifcation turned on in your Settings, or you may want to turn on Comment Moderation temporarily.

Happy blogging!

Heather 😀


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