Hi there!

I'm sure many of you use Photobucket for image storage (similar to Flickr) even if you have your own File Manager in your blog (TypePad and WordPress users). So if you are having trouble…hang in there.

Just wanted to drop a quick note for those who are using my Blog Maintenance Program. The new monthly promotional items and animated buttons are being updated. The links are updated however Photobucket is having issues refreshing/keeping the new images.  I've only had this problem one other time in the past actually when loading images for the Royal Blog Tour years ago.

I am confident the issue will be resolved shortly. Just wanted to let you know I am on top of it and working hard to get the issues resolved and continuously testing the uploads (image replacements).

More tutorials coming soon as well as an announcement of one of the three new services I have been working on and the reason I've been MIA.

Chat soon!

Heather 😀

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