We are on vacation this week. It's towards the end of summer, but we got to squeeze in a last minute vacation. We're going to the beach! The kids love making sand castles and jumping the waves. So we're very excited.

Sorry to be away, but lots of work to do when I get back. Look in the left sidebar for my to-do list (and of course there is always more email to go through :D). 

While I'm away, don't worry, I am scheduling a bunch of blog tips for you that will help optimize your site!  Blogs By Heather AM is also still a go and you'll get your daily (or weekly) dose of markeing, SEO, social media, blogging, technology and/or business tips.

When I return, more how-to videos and new VIDEO tutorials too! You're going to love the new videos that accompany my traditional step by step instruction.

Have a wonderful week. Chat more when I return!

Heather 😀

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