Recently in a group for Stampin' Up! demonstrators we discussed SEO and which blog platforms rank better. WordPress basically owns the blogging market and has some free and paid wonderful SEO plug-ins, but you can "rank" in whatever blogging platform you use. It basically comes down to this… 

You want to rank, you have to work! 

AND it does NOT happen overnight! You can't just setup a blog today and expect to out-rank Mary Fish (Stampin' Pretty), who is a top-ranking Stampin' Up! demonstrator who has a TypePad blog, or Monica's Passions (Blogger blog, UK Demo) who has been working her butt off posting almost every day for a while to gain her spot 😀

ALL bloggers (regardless of platform) seeking better results need to do the following and I cannot stress them enough:
  1. You need to post consistently.  Two to three times a week is highly recommended. Some post every day. While that is possible for some, it's not realistic for others. So pick a post schedule that is "attainable" and you will not get frustrated, you will accomplish that goal, feel good, and therefore continue 😀
  2. You need to categorize your posts
  3. You need to use keywords, tags. (special boxes in TypePad and WordPress)
  4. You need to use Heading Styles in your posts. 
  5. You need to use keywords in your post content. 
  6. You need to enter your Blog Title and Description
  7. You need to edit your Meta Keywords and Description. (can be done in editing HTML in Blogger)
  8. You need to implement "interlinking" – that is to link to other pages and posts within your own site!
  9. You need to do some link building – where you are linking to other high-quality sites and having other sites link to you.
  10. You need to have share buttons so visitors can quickly and easily share your posts with others, increasing your site's exposure.

Be passionate about what you are writing about! I also think that is an important blog factor so I wanted to mention it here.

For more SEO Tips, click here, and more to come.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Monday's post will be a special announcement on one of the NEW products I've been working so hard over the last months.  Can't wait! Be sure to visit on Monday to check it out!


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