Thumbtack-purpleI'm excited to share this new series with you, called "101 Blogging Tips". In the series there will be 101 blogging tips that you can begin applying to your blog today! Don't wait, get started now!

Tip #28 and #29: Something Old, Something New

Oh yes, you know the saying right? And tomorrow's post will be about Something Borrowed…no joke! LOL.

Okay, so I have two tips today as they go together but then I will be giving different applications of "something old, something new".

Example #1 – Change is Good

I can best describe this in an example using my blog.  I primarily write how-to tutorials on Blogger, TypePad and WordPress. However, new features come out, other features disappear or change.  The newest example of this is Blogger's interface. I have written a few articles explaining the new interface and it's changes, and how to go back to the old interface as well.  BUT…eventually the "new" interface will be here to stay and there will be no more "old" Blogger.  

In the meantime, I started writing double-instruction while both interfaces are still active. Meaning, you will see in my recent tutorials I will write "If you are using the Old Blogger interface, go to Design->Page Elements…if using the New Blogger interface then go to Layout…"

Going forward, when there truly is no more old Blogger and all the blogs have been updated, I am going to use that change in Blogger, and create all NEW posts and tutorials for you! This is a great opportunity for me to reach new readers, gives me all new content for my blog, keeps my current Blogger following happy, and my blog content will continue to be all current and fresh.

The old posts? Well I may end up deleting them or modifying them depending what I newly posted and how much needs to be revised.

The Takeaway

I'm sure this happens in your field when products get retired or change in its design, purpose or functionality. Use the change as inspiration in writing new posts for your blog!


Example #2 – A New Take

Another take on the "Something Old, Something New" logic is that you take an old topic or article, report you have written and bring it up to date, make it new, freshing it up with new images and content, maybe a review, interview or quotes from customers.

Take the "old" and make it something "new". Your readers will love it! And since most the content is already there, it may not even take you much time to create this fresh new take on an old topic 😀


When you put this tip into action, come back and post it here in a comment and share with my readers examples of how you are applying "Something Old, Something New!"  Have fun too!



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