I've been very busy thru the summer working on some new services for you! They will be launching in October. The biggest and best..October 1st…so be sure to check back here to hear the exciting news!

New Blog Design for Gina Wiseman

However, while working hard on putting together new things for you, and dealing with technical difficulties like the image store issue and move for my maintenance customers, I have been designing and doing blog setups as well.

Here is my latest blog design for Gina Wiseman, a Stampin' Up! UK Demonstrator.  Her site is called The Firefly Studio and I just love the atmosphere and coloring of her new blog look…don't you? It's magical!


(Click image to enlarge)
Visit The Firefly Studio to view her complete design and stamping samples. 

Blog Design Partners

During the summer I had also put together a new design team as I am getting quite a large design list (thank you). I have spoken to each of these talented ladies and asked them about helping out my customers. I want people to be able to have a new blog design they love and want, in a timely manner, and at an affordable price.  So I chose these new designers.  YES, I am still designing, like I did for Gina, but I can't do it all alone, so got some help. If you work with any of these designers, please tell them I sent you!!!!

Click here to go to my Blog Design Service page for more info or to complete my blog design questionnaire

Once Upon a Blog (Jennisa)
Site: http://www.onceuponablog.org/
Pricing: http://onceuponablogdesignshoppe.blogspot.com/2009/07/blog-design-packages.html
Order Form: http://onceuponablogdesignshoppe.blogspot.com/2009/07/contact.html
Portfolio: http://jennisajoydesign.blogspot.com/

Tiffany Kuehl Designs (Tiffany)
Site: http://www.tiffanykuehldesigns.com/
Pricing: http://www.tiffanykuehldesigns.com/p/blogging-packages.html
Order Form: http://www.tiffanykuehldesigns.com/p/blogging-packages.html and then click on the questionnaire associated with the desired package.
Portfolio: http://www.tiffanykuehldesigns.com/p/portfolio.html
A Mommy's Blog Design A Mommy's Blog Design (April) 
Site: http://amblogdesign.com/ 
Pricing: http://amblogdesign.com/blogger/
Order Form:http://amblogdesign.com/blogger/custom-blogger-design-order-form/
Portfolio: http://amblogdesign.com/portfolio/
TMC Designs (Elizabeth) 
Site: http://themustardceilingdesigns.com/ 
Pricing: http://themustardceilingdesigns.com/blogger-design/
Order Form: http://themustardceilingdesigns.com/blog-design-questionnaire/
Portfolio: http://themustardceilingdesigns.com/portfolio/
The Pixel Boutique (Nicole) 
Site: http://www.thepixelboutique.com 
Pricing: http://www.thepixelboutique.com/services/ 
Order Form: http://www.thepixelboutique.com/book-your-project/
Portfolio: http://www.thepixelboutique.com/portfolio/
VK Design Company VK Design Company (Veronica)
Site: http://www.vkdesigncompany.com/
Pricing: http://pricing.vkdesigncompany.com/
Ordering Form: http://design-line.vkdesigncompany.com/
Portfolio: http://design-line.vkdesigncompany.com/ look to the right 
on that page to see all the blogs listed, designed by Veronica.
vk design company has a 2 year wait list but since I and her customers love her work I wanted to list her as well.


Last but not least, I had one of my new design partners design my stamping and paper crafting blog, Hand Stamped By Heather.  I worked with Jennisa from Once Upon a Blog Design Shoppe and here is my new look!

(click image to enlarge)
Visit my site, Hand Stamped By Heather, to view the complete new design. 

Since October is a huge month for me and new "things" happening, I am going to be stamping a lot more so I wanted my blog to be "new" too. Enjoy! 

More blogging tips on the way! Hope you are enjoying the new 101 Blogging Tips series! I know I am!

Happy Blogging,
Heather Wright-Porto

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