In the 101 Blogging Tips series we've discussed images and specifically image size. You can use GIMP, a free image editor to resize your images.

Sandi and I are super excited to tell you about another new feature at Stamping and Blogging!  We now have what we are calling Quick Steps.

These are 1 page PDFs, quick and easy instructions on the "blogging" side of Stamping and Blogging. No, that doesn't mean just "blogging" it means things other than stamping (LOL) such as image editing, email marketing, social media, blogging and more.

Quick Steps on GIMP and how to edit an image!

Today's share is the launch of this new and exciting feature Quick Steps and is on GIMP – a FREE image editing program (much like Photoshop).  

  • You can download the Quick Steps: How to resize, crop, adjust the levels, stroke, and save an image using GIMP here at the Stamping and Blogging Blog.
  • Print and save it!
  • Create your own Stamping and Blogging folder or binder with all the Project Sheets and Quick Steps you can download and use as a reference and/or to accompany the videos from Stamping and Blogging.

GIMP Video – How to crop, resize, adjust, stroke and save an image

Go to our blog, to check out the video! Yes, a free video on how to use GIMP to edit your images and prepare them for blog posting!

Have a great day!

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