Since we are expecting a big storm (Hurrican Sandy), I did the updates today for October 29th (Monday) as I'm not sure if I will have an internet connection or not tomorrow. So again, the updates were done today for the October 29th one day sale for Stampin' Up! and then another button for the week long Digital Kits special.


Here is the code for US and CAN Stampin' Up! Demonstrators.
But it is also in this attached file – click here.

You need to MODIFY the CODE where the xxxxxxx is and put YOUR own DEMO ID to make the link work!

<a href="" target=_blank>
<img src="" alt="one day spooktacular sale - stamping up"/>

<a href="" target=_blank>
<img src="" alt="half off digital kits - stamping up"/>

Happy Stamping and Blogging!

Heather 😀

P.S. For those part of Stamping and Blogging, there is a tutorial for Blogger, TypePad and WordPress on how to add the promo buttons to your sidebar!

For Blogger users – go to Layout, Add a Gadget and choose HTML/JavaScript.
For TypePad users – go to Design, Content, from the middle choose Embed Your Own HTML Code, and then on the right click Add This Module.
For WordPress users – go to Appearance, widgets and drag a Text Widget to your sidebar.
Then copy and paste in the code. Save Changes and you're done! 

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