RSS-buttonAs a follow up yesterday's article on claiming your blog with Technorati, here is how you can determine what your blog's feed address (URL) is.


Blogger Users

For blogger, it is your site address, then the addition of /feeds/posts/default a the end.

My examples:

  • or I could have used
  • as I have a domain mapped to my Blogger blog.

You would of course substitute with YOUR blog address or domain name.

If using Feedburner
Your feed address could also look like this: Where this is the feed address that Feedburner has assigned when you setup your Feedburner account.


TypePad Users

The URL is a bit tricker and you have to go to Settings to find your Blog Folder to be sure you get it correct. 
From the Dashboard, go to Settings and then under Basic.
Locate Blog Folder and write down that complete URL.
It is your typepad URL plus your blog's name.
For example:

Both work since I used domain mapping and within TypePad I did the domain mapping to a specific blog (not the entire site)!

If using Feedburner

In my TypePad account I also use Feedburner (free) to manage my blog subscriptions. So when I type in either of those URLs above it them shows me this in my address bar:

  • feed://
So when asked your blog's feed, you could also use the one assigned by Feedburner in this form: (starting with http:// instead of feed://).

WordPress Users

Last but not least! For WordPress users the URL is your blog's URL and then atom.xml or just "feed" at the end. Pretty easy.

For example:

  • if you are using the free WordPress and no domain mapping or
  • for those using a self-hosted WordPress site or a free WordPress blog with domain mapping installed.

How To Install Feedburner

If you are looking for help in how to install Feedburner on your blog, click here to view my video and read written instructions as well.

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