Thumbtack-purpleI'm excited to share this series with you, called "101 Blogging Tips". In the series there will be 101 blogging tips that you can begin applying to your blog today! Don't wait, get started now!

Tip #56: Using CSS Code

With a little CSS code, you can learn how to better format our text, to make your posts stand out!  This is not a requirement to posting or blogging, but something cool and fun to learn.

I use CSS code in posts, but more so when installing a custom blog design, where CSS code is use to set the width of the blog, banner, set the background image, and modify elements for the post title, images, etc.  CSS is in short a language used for formatting and setting elements in your site.

For example, here is CSS code used to set my background for Blogs By Heather, the curved, blue/gray gradient. The image PNG is loaded to my typepad file manager. You can also use services like PhotoBucket and Flickr to store images, that could then be used with your blog.

    background: #060709 url("");
  background-attachment: fixed;
    background-position: top center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

This code is setting the background color to a dark gray (for where the image fades out, the background color #060709 is set), and then using an image (curved, gradient) to be set "fixed" (not to scroll), to be positioned at the top and centered, and not to be repeated. Other people have say polka dots that would be set to repeat.

My dropdown menu is CSS code and HTML.  You can learn more about that, and creating your own dropdown menu, click here.

I highly recommend using to learn CSS (as well as HTML). It's a wonderful, FREE source, that also has a "try it" area where you can experiment with your coding right there on the site without having to experiment on your own site!

Have fun! Happy Monday 😀


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