Thumbtack-purpleI'm excited to share this series with you, called "101 Blogging Tips". In the series there will be 101 blogging tips that you can begin applying to your blog today! Don't wait, get started now!

Tip #67: Content Curation

I recently read a great article by Social Media Examiner – one of my favorite sites! It focuses on how to discover valuable social media content, however, for this 101 Blogging Tips series, we'll call it Content Curation.

There is nothing wrong about sharing other people's content or giving your opinion, experience, or additional thoughts on the subject. Now, don't get me wrong, there IS a problem with "plagiarism"!!!! I'm NOT saying to copy someone else's work as your own!

Content Curation, as defined by the Content Marketing Institute, is "the process of finding, organizing and sharing third-party content, as a part of their content marketing efforts."

If you find some wonderful article, like the two I am linking to from Social Media Examiner and Content Marketing Institute about Content Curation, why not share it with your readers!  They will greatly appreciate it!

Some of the top sites listed in those articles to help you keep on top of your game and related news in your industry:

  1. Google Alerts. We reviewed this previously but it's definitely worth a second mention, especially if both these masters in Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing both refer to it in their articles!  
    CM Capture 1
  2. AllTop. Keep up with What's Hot but you can also search and it's organized by topic or by site. TechCrunch and Mashable are more of my favorite tech/blog sites I like to follow.

    CM Capture 2

  3. SmartBrief. Another service I use. They email daily newsletters so it comes right to your Inbox! There are many industries to choose from, Technology, Legal, Healthcare, Finance, Eduation, Automotive, Retail, Business and many more!

CM Capture 3
These would be my top three tools to use to help you keep up with what's new with your industry and to help you find GREAT content you can then pass along to your readers!

Additionally, using these types of services saves you a TON of time in following many, many sites. You can now go to one or two places and keep up with those topics important to you!

Happy Blogging,
Heather :D 

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