All New Maintenance Packages –
You can join more than one program!

There are many different programs, just for you! I'm super excited to share with you these new Maintenance Packages and hope that one or more fit your blogging needs!

This service is available for all stamping business owners, in any country. Presently I am honored to provide maintenance programs for, but not limited to, Stampin' Up! demonstrators in the US, CAN, UK, and AUS. Once I have access to the promotional information from the customer
websites (i.e. Stampin' Up!), I can then update your sites, sliders, email code/images, etc.

Something To Think About….

image from www.stampingandbloggingblog.comPlease take there is a new section inside the Stamping and Blogging site specifically for Stampin' Up! Demonstrators and contains all the HTML code you will need for your blog and/or newsletters! So you no longer have to pay for your membership AND blog maintenance. It will all be there for you in one place and at the great price of $14.95.

You get the ENTIRE site and maintenance!  For those who were paying $12.95 for blog maintenance, you may want to instead take advantage of having the entire Stamping and Blogging website, full of PDFs, articles, videos and galleries, for just $2.00 more!

NEW Maintenance Packages

Code Only Maintenance

This is a great new option for those who are blog-savy and comfortable with HTML code and adding new widgets to their blogs.  In this new package, you will be provided all the HTML code for all the new promos, catalogs, products and/or featured products each month. Then you can copy and paste the code into your blog and or newsletters!  You decide how many buttons you want on your sidebar each month and which promos you want! Change them up 1/2 way through the month.  You have great flexibility with this program!  But please do not share them with fellow demonstrators or downline.  The price is right! Instead, encourage them to join! Thank you.

Monthly Fee: $4.95

===>>>> Click HERE To Sign Up!


Manual Maintenance

This is to replace the automated system that I have been using for a few years now.  When I first started the Blogs By Heather Blog Maintenance program, it was a manual process. Each month, I would go into your sites and update the sidebar options. However, the more customers I had, the longer some had to wait. Everyone would get done within 2 days, so it was very reasonable and I had no complaints.  Additionally, each button was $5 a piece. Discounts of course (the more buttons your purchased, the more you saved), but it could get costly! I remember some months sending invoices for $45! So…I wanted everyone to get updated at once. So I upgraded to an automatic updating method where images and links were replaced every month. Very cool, and a flat rate of $12.50/$12.95 a month. No more waiting! However, the links were generic to the main Stampin' Up! website or to your DBWS site if you used the animated versions.  But after years of trying this and problems with image hosting sites, I have decided to go back to what worked the best and what I personally have control over….so I will be manually updating your sites again, every month, AND linking to your personal DBWS store…all for a flat rate of $19.95 a month! REQUIREMENT: Each month, I need your blog login information (if it has changed). If I can't get in, then I can't update your site!

Monthly Fee: $19.95

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Image Only Maintenance

If you simply just want beautiful, professional images for your blog or newsletter each month, then this maintenance program is for you! You will have access to a bunch of images that you can then download to your computer and use them freely on your sites. But please do not share them with fellow demonstrators or downline.  The price is right! Instead, encourage them to join! Thank you.

Monthly Fee: $4.95

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Join Stamping and Blogging!

Stamping and Blogging ia a unique, premiere site full of stamping and blogging tutorials, videos, tips and more!  Now, as part of Stamping and Blogging, you have access to our entire site! We have a dedicated section "For Stampin' Up! Demonstrators" and in there an area called "Blog/Newsletter Maintenance". There you will find the HTML code (equivalent to the non-members using the Code Only Maintenance program described above) and you will have links to videos to help you update your blog! All for $14.95 a month!  Click here to learn more about Stamping and Blogging!

Join Stamping and Blogging - Come Create With Us!

Slider Maintenance – Will be coming soon!

This is a brand new, exciting maintenance program you won't find anywhere else! You want cutting edge, professional, something new and to stand out on your blog? Want to clean up your sidebars and only have the most popular promotions, catalog, or products featured prominently at the top of your blog? Want it to link to your DBWS Store or site directly?  Then this program is for you! REQUIREMENT: Each month I need your blog login information (if it has changed). If I can't get in, I can't update the slider! Please note this program is to come soon.


For all members:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Legal Terms Intellectual Property

If you subscribe to any of the above mentioned Maintenance packages, you agree and accept to these legal terms: 

  • that if you cancel a Manual Maintenance or Slider Maintenance program, you allow me access to your blog to remove all the subscription-based code relating to Promotions, Catalogs, and Product Line (and Featured Projects). 
  • at that time you are responsible for maintaining your own blog. You may re-subscribe at any time! 
  • that you will NOT share the subscription-based code or images with fellow demonstrators (or your downline) or post in any online groups or forums; and will not copy, sell, distribute or publish without authorization.

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