By now you may have heard the latest Google news, but I wanted to share it with you as well as I've found some great sources in helping you "move" from Google Reader to other alternatives.



Is one of my favorites sites. This link includes all their articles on the subject (Google Reader).  Their articles include topics like how to export your Google Reader subscriptions, and a few specifically mentioning using Feedly, and how Yahoo should jump on this opportunity to improve its RSS Feed application. At the top of the page, it has a little Google Reader "history" as well. 



Another great blogging inspirational source. She discusses 3 alternatives for Google Reader and also how to use Google TakeOut to export your list from Google Reader. Her articles are always well written and is more tutorial-based. You will enjoy this one and it's easy to read and understand.



TechCrunch is happy to see Google Reader finally go. In their article they detail how it's been "dead" for a while, although a good tool for "information junkies." But makes a good point that many people don't even know what a "reader" is!  And at the time, for a long time, that Google Reader "was the Reader" of choice due to lack of any real competition.

So, this is an opportunity for others to improve their RSS Feed applications. They mention a few alternatives. 



LifeHacker writes up how Feedly is the main alternative choice gaining more Google Reader users than some other alternatives. They also have another good article on their top 5 Google Reader alternative choices.


Small Biz Technology

Small Biz Technology is a blog focused on small business technology but often has many articles on social media, blogging, and tools for both.  Their article on the Top 5 Google Reader alternatives; Feedly again at the top of their list.


The Results Are In

So, after reading all of these articles it appears that the Top 3 Google Reader Alternatives are:

  1. Feedly
  2. NewsBlur
  3. NetVibes

With Feedly way out in front.  Honorable mention would be Pulse.  Last but not least, don't forget to check out Google TakeOut to download/export your RSS Feed/data from Google Reader.

So, if you follow me using Google Reader, you should definitely read these articles and find the best solution for you to keep up with and track the blogs you love! Again, Feedly seems to be the leader.

I hope you enjoyed today's article. More 101 Blogging tips coming up next! 😀



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