A digital
marketing agency
will tell you that having a business blog will further
maximize the visibility of your business. This is just one of the many reasons
why blogging for business is a good idea.

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Blogging was once something that people did to
document their lives in a type of online diary, which rapidly expanded to
include niche blogs about specific interests, and has continued to grow into
being a business tool.  The so-called
blogosphere is vast, with hundreds of thousands of bloggers publishing data
online in order to share it with their readers. If your business hasn’t already
tapped into the potential of blogging now is the time to do so!

  • Blogging
    and SEO
    There are many benefits to blogging for
    your business and SEO is a key one. Google values top quality content and any
    digital marketing agency will confirm that the appropriate use of keywords
    combined with this content will further strengthen their SEO
    efforts and therefore the visibility of a website and brand.
  • Content
    and Sales
    There are many links
    between blog content and increased sales. A business blog is not simply an
    extension of an ecommerce website, it does provide the occasional opportunities
    to promote certain items, sales and new lines, or services, or to help build
    a mailing list
    . To keep the readership interested these posts should not
    form the bulk of the content, however it is too good an opportunity to not link
    to a few key areas of business from time to time.
  • Engaging
    with Customers
    Computers don’t make
    sales or book services, people do. In order to use your blog most effectively
    you need to ensure than the content reaches out and engages with readers who
    are of course potential customers. Having a business blog is an ideal
    opportunity to build relationships and personal connections with people.
  • Social
    Media and Blogging

    A business should not underestimate the viral power of the Blogosphere. Blogs
    and social media work hand in hand, and a well written, optimized blog which
    maintains a consistent tone, entertains the reader, provides key information or
    value, “how to” help, is likely to be shared amongst numerous social
    in the effort of increasing brand awareness.

There are so many reasons
why blogging for business is a great idea. SEO consultants, social media
agencies and even digital marketing experts will all agree that an effectively
run business blog is a cost-effective way to increase your visibility, your
reputation and ultimately your profits.

Attribute to: Duncan CummingHaving established his career in digital sales and
marketing, Duncan formed his own SEO in Berkshire agency,
Cayenne Red. Along with the running of his business, Duncan spends time writing
informative and helpful articles about the different areas of online marketing.


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