Thumbtack-purpleI'm excited to share this series with you, called "101 Blogging Tips". In the series there will be 101 blogging tips that you can begin applying to your blog today! Don't wait, get started now!

Tip #87: Get a Blog Critique

Although I try and share as much as I can here on my blog, Blogs By Heather, and exclusive tutorials and videos on Stamping and Blogging, it sometimes may be easier and faster if your also have another set of eyes critique your blog.  

This may involve the evaluation of your overall 

  • Blog content
  • Branding
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Design and layout
  • Calls to action/marketing

and follow with suggested changes and enhancements.

There are many companies that provide this type of service.  But I did come across these two ladies recently DIY Blog Critique from MomComm and Blogging with Beth Expert Blog Critiques.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend 😀



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