Thumbtack-purpleI'm excited to share this series with you, called "101 Blogging Tips". In the series there will be 101 blogging tips that you can begin applying to your blog today! Don't wait, get started now!

Tip #99: New  Beginnings!

Happy New  Year!!!!  Today's blogging tip is "New Beginnings" and not being afraid to start all over or simply just to start back up….just start!  

We all know "life happens" and you may not have posted in a while or not as often. So…when you can…start posting again :D  You may find you have a new passion, new drive or inspiration. Sometimes a break is needed and does a lot of good (well, not for SEO…but for mental health LOL).

So start this new year off in setting new, realistic blogging goals! Start posting consistently on whatever schedule works for you and your lifestyle.

Happy blogging!

Wishing you much success in 2014 😀



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